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35 years of exeperience

"The hardest thing about embroidery is figuring out where you want it to take you"

stitch65 - founder


    The consulting service makes our experience in the embroidery world available to those who have problems with the embroidery they are already making or those who have no affinity with this reality. We are available to help the customer to solve any technical problem concerning the
    embroidery to improve the final result. From the use of support materials, to the yarn, to the adjustments of the machine.


    Clients are more than welcome to visit the studio by appointment to discuss design concepts and developments. Alternatively we can arrange a video call with the project manager. Each digital design job involves a one off digital design fee. Then the work is charged according to the time it takes to 'stitch out'. Each job requires different times and materials so a cost can only be estimated after a first meeting.

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To find out more about this service or any of the services offered by Stitch65 please contact us on the form below or call our studio on 328 4819254.